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We specialize in finding cost effective solutions to your refrigeration requirements based on our experience since 1972 in the Caribbean. Turnkey (design, manufacture, build, handover) refrigerated facility projects are a specialty. IMS Mecalfab offers refrigeration design, manufacturing and construction services with confident reliability backed by experience gained since 1972 in the building of temperature controlled environment s.
Our team approach spans all phase of the project where we offer assistance and advice regarding

  • efficient floor plan layout
  • work and process flow
  • thermal engineering designs
  • materials specifications and procurement
  • installation and contracting services
  • refrigeration system commissioning and follow-up maintenance
  • future expansion possibilities
If you want to build to USDA approved standards and intend to incorporate a HACCP type quality control program in your facility, IMS Mecalfab can design and construct an economical yet customized solution to your cold storage warehouse or processing facility needs.
Structural insulated panels have the unique advantage of being able to conform to site conditions due to the panels being pre-fabricated elements.  This allows for maximum flexibility all the way from the design stage to completion.    Structural insulated panels are therefore ideally suited for the construction of
  • Cold storage warehouses
  • Processing plants
  • Controlled environment buildings (e.g. supermarkets)
  • Educational facilities
  • Distribution centers

As your products will very likely be palletized loads, we are able to design an efficient pallet racking layout that maximizes the storage capacity of the warehouse whilst minimizing the “footprint”.  We can even incorporate a rack supported building eliminating the need for a primary steel supporting structure.

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